Sigicom infra C22 trillingsmeter

INFRA C22 is a wireless triaxial vibration monitor, a wireless triaxial geophone and data logger built into the same compact unit. The vibration monitor has a built-in 4G modem with GPS position and time synchronization.

The INFRA C22 is Sigicom’s latest innovation. It is built on a brand-new hardware platform utilizing the latest technologies, such as modular communication. This will give you unparalleled reliability as well as being future proof.
It works with INFRA Net (our web application) in the same way as the other INFRA sensors and data loggers.

You can easily navigate using the keyboard and colour display on the instrument.

Long lasting battery capacity gives the INFRA C22 up to four months of measurement time, well ahead of all similar systems on the market.

All filtering, signal processing and detection are done digitally. Before the recording is started you only select the wanted standard that is presented in the Remote part of INFRA Net (our web application).

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