Carbon Dioxide Detector 0-5000ppm (CO2)

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CO2 NDIR 0-5000 ppm sensor head, for S500, S900 and Ranger

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Carbon Dioxide Detector 0-5000ppm (CO2)

Carbon Dioxide Detector for Aeroqual handheld S500L and Ranger

Ranger combines the capabilities of a stationary monitor with the portability of a handheld device. Add to these the power of Cloud-based insights, and you have the ultimate air quality monitoring solution. Ranger allows you to understand what’s happening at the job site, whether it be a site where construction and remediation activities are taking place, where wildfire smoke may affect working conditions, or where underground vapors may be seeping into a structure; all logged data is backed up on Ranger Cloud, in real-time, wherever Wi-Fi is available. You can even sign up to receive automatic alerts and react to unsafe conditions and data loss.

Ranger is an ultra-lightweight portable monitor, ideal for carrying around, and it also boasts a deep memory so that it can be left in situ for longer periods. Its incredibly long battery life means that no power source is required for almost 24 hours. A built-in audible alarm immediately protects workers from the harmful levels of many common airborne hazards. Plus, the backlit display makes it easy to read, even outside.

Because Ranger’s sensors are interchangeable, you can order a newly calibrated sensor head before the old one’s certificate expires, saving you time and money – eliminating the dreaded two to four-week lag time associated with sending an instrument back to be serviced.

What can it measure?

Ranger is a real-time, active sampling monitor that is paired with a wide array of sensor heads, available separately. Ranger samples, logs, and simultaneously display readings.

This product includes:

    • Ranger monitor base
    • USB-C power cord
    • USB-C power charger
    • Ranger Cloud software

Who is it for?

Industrial and occupational hygienists, EHS professionals, air quality consultants, indoor air quality professionals, building certifiers, and environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals use Ranger.

Practical applications for Ranger include:

    • Industrial and occupational hygiene monitoring
    • Remediation, construction, and site perimeter monitoring
    • Wildfire smoke
    • Vapor intrusion

Download specifications sensor heads:

Aeroqual-Portable-Fixed-Sensor-Specifications-v-12 (1)

Download specifications RANGER:

Aeroqual-Ranger-Spec-Sheet-v7 (1)

Download brochure Aeroqual Cloud:

Aeroqual-Cloud-air-monitoring-software-Brochure (1)

Weight 0,22 kg
Dimensions 0,06 × 0,135 × 0,065 cm

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